To the Skin & Cancer Associates Team,


It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we extend a warm welcome to each and every one of you as you become part of the Platinum Dermatology Partners family. Your expertise and dedication to providing exceptional dermatological care have undoubtedly played a significant role in making Skin & Cancer Associates a respected name in the industry. As we join forces, we look forward to combining our strengths and shared commitment to excellence to elevate the level of care we provide to our patients.


Together, we embark on an exciting journey, united by a common goal of advancing dermatology and making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.


Use this page as a resource to get the latest communications, ask questions and learn more about who we are.


Welcome to Platinum Dermatology Partners; we are thrilled to have you on board!




Frequently Asked Questions

Platinum Dermatology Partners, or simply Platinum, is a leading dermatology organization headquartered in Dallas, Texas Platinum has a strong presence across several states, including Arizona, California, Nevada, and Texas. Their platform in Dallas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Phoenix looks very similar to our own footprint here at SCA.   They’ve established themselves as industry leaders deeply committed to empowering exceptional dermatological care. Platinum has a physician-driven model guided by a Physician Leadership Council (PLC)They focus on empowering leading dermatological providers to elevate the quality of patient care.   Finally, similar to our own story, Platinum traces its history back over fifty years. Platinum and SCA are a natural fit for each other in many ways You can learn more about Platinum by visiting their website: 

The partnership will bring about positive changes, such as increased resources, tools, best practices, and access to a broader range of support and expertise. Together, these resources are designed to empower you to play an essential role in reaching even greater heights in exceptional patient care. Operational structures might see some integration for better alignment, but these changes will be clearly communicated and prioritized, leveraging the many skills and talents you bring to the table.  

SCA has built a successful, trusted business. Platinum not only respects and recognizes that, but it also wants to learn from you.   Expect to play a role in building our new organization.   That means SCA employees can expect growth opportunities through increased cross-collaboration, training, exposure to innovative practices, and potential role expansion opportunities.   The partnership is designed to set the standard for exceptional dermatological care; you play a significant role in that.  

No, the names of SCA’s practice brands will not change as a result of this merger. While our corporation is known as Platinum Dermatology Partners, Platinum is not a patient-facing brand. Our individual clinic names, which our patients have come to trust and recognize, will remain the same to maintain consistency and familiarity in the services we provide. This approach ensures that our commitment to quality care and the identity of each clinic are preserved. 

For the time being, there will be no changes to the existing pay and benefits structure for SCA employees. Any future adjustments to compensation or benefits will only be made after a thorough and thoughtful analysis, with a strong emphasis on ensuring that such changes align with our mindset of empowering the practice of exceptional dermatology.   This approach ensures that any modifications will be in the best interest of both our staff and patients, maintaining the high standard of care and support that defines our organization. 

Our decision to partner with Platinum stemmed from our aligned values and mutual commitment to delivering the best dermatological care. Platinum’s reputation for excellence and dedication to fostering collaboration among top-tier dermatology providers made them ideal partners for SCA’s growth and evolution.   We can do great, exceptional things together. 

Teaming up with Platinum expands our resources, knowledge base, and expertise. This will directly translate into increased resources and best practices that lead to better access to care. We will get to tap into a larger base of patient data, a broader range of collective talents, a larger network of evidence-based management processes, leading to enhanced patient experiences across all SCA locations.  

While we are joining forces with Platinum, SCA’s foundational values and culture remain integral. Platinum recognizes and respects our legacy; the partnership is about enhancing our strengths, not overshadowing them. 

There will be integration processes in place to streamline operations and ensure both entities align well. We’ll communicate transparently about any potential shifts or changes, always prioritizing our employees’ well-being and clarity.  We anticipate this partnership will enhance our SCA team’s professional opportunities 

Individually, this partnership positions us for increased cross-collaboration, training, exposure to innovative practices, and potential expansion opportunities in the future.  As Platinum succeeds in setting the standard in the field of dermatology, you should expect to grow and expand as well.   For our business, Platinum’s model of creating a model that spans where patients live, work, and play across a major metropolitan area fits very well with SCA’s own ethos. We are aligned in approach and anticipate that Platinum and SCA will continue to expand from our South Florida base camp. 

With Platinum by our side, the future is promising. We’ll continue to provide top-notch, exceptional dermatological services with an enhanced focus on innovation, research, and patient care. We’re stepping into a new chapter, but our commitment to the communities we serve remains unwavering. 

Open communication is pivotal during such transitions. We encourage all SCA employees to contact their immediate supervisors or the leadership team with any inquiries, feedback, or concerns. Your input is invaluable, and we’re here to listen.   

Platinum has set up an inbox to facilitate an answer to any question that your supervisor can’t answer more straightforward for you.   By emailing the SCA Platinum inbox, your message will be routed to the right person, and you’ll receive a timely answer.   Please send your question to

Yes, Platinum has set up a microsite to store updates to this FAQ document and other resources.    The web address to the SCA-Platinum microsite is 

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