Dr. Van Dyke and her staff dedicate themselves to delivering the best in aesthetic laser procedures as well as the full range of cosmetic dermatology procedures, from BOTOX® to laser resurfacing. In-office treatments are as important as the care given after the patient leaves the office. Skin care products are continually reviewed to ensure that the best available products are coupled with each patient’s needs. Dr. Van Dyke and her hand-picked providers spend the time needed to recommend an appropriate program and educate each patient on the most effective utilization of the products to complement the rejuvenating treatments they receive from Dr. Van Dyke and her talented staff.

Dr. Van Dyke established her practice in 1985. The name was changed to Van Dyke Laser & Skin in 2005 before becoming Van Dyke Aesthetics in 2016.

Located in the heart of Scottsdale, Van Dyke Aesthetics offers convenience, privacy, unlimited parking, an elegant lobby, and private consultation and treatment rooms.

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