With 21 providers across eight locations in the greater Phoenix metro area, CDPS represents one of the largest practices in Arizona and provides Platinum with a substantial presence upon entry to the market. CDPS offers a comprehensive suite of dermatological and surgical services to patients across the Valley through general and cosmetic dermatology, dermatopathology, and a broad array of surgical specialties including Mohs micrographic, full cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, and vascular procedures.

CDPS was founded in 2000 by Gary McCracken, MD and is led together with his physician partner, Anthony Petelin, MD. The practice now represents a fully-integrated, multi-site dermatology platform providing comprehensive skin care solutions to the greater Phoenix area. Drs. McCracken and Petelin, joined by Anthony Nuara, MD, PhD, will form and lead Platinum’s all-physician Clinical Advisory Board in Arizona to oversee a variety of clinical matters within Platinum’s operations across the state.

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